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From our hearts and the heart of our kitchen comes the delicious and healthy selections that will make Majestic Bakery & Cafe your place to be. This is our story. (Video by Michael Schwarz)


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The Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas before its demolition.


Storefront of the Majestic Bakery & Cafe.

     The story of the Majestic Bakery & Cafe is a rather unique one. For more than two years, Brenda Brandenburg (co-owner of MBC) tried desperately to save the wonderfully historic Majestic Hotel where she held fond memories of her father playing in the band. She even went as far as filing a lawsuit against city leaders to try to stop the demolition from taking place. Unfortunately, that was to no avail. It was then that Wally Mueller (co-owner of MBC and Brenda's fiancé) and his dream came into play.

     Wally was one of the original owners of Mueller's Bakery along with his parents, Frank and Suzie Mueller. They brought authentic, handmade German breads and pastries to Hot Springs in the late 1980s. (Mueller's is still in operation but is not affiliated with the original Mueller family.) Even before that, Wally had grown up in the baking business, making donuts for his parents' Dunkin' Donuts franchise in Chicago.

     Wally always knew that he wanted to get back into the business again but could never find the right time. Brenda was devastated by the loss of the Majestic Hotel. That's when the two dreams meshed. Wally decided to "go for broke" with Brenda as his partner. Her role would be to name the business and handle the décor. 

     So, here we are today. Why gluten-free? Brenda's oldest daughter has a severe gluten intolerance that made family meals a challenge. Wally wanted her to be able to eat everything that everyone else was eating. We became gluten-free and liked it!

     It is our sincere desire to serve our customers delicious gluten-free offerings without having to worry about cross-contamination; that is why we are extremely cautious in our kitchen when preparing all products. It is also our wish to keep the memories of the Majestic Hotel alive for generations to come. 

     From our kitchen to you, "Have a Majestic Day!"

Opening day at Mueller's Bakery in 1989 in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Opening day at the Majestic Bakery & Cafe.


Some of Our Favorites —



Majestic Signature Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Rich, brownie-like cookies covered with powdered sugar.


Very Berry Loaves

Vanilla tea cakes filled with fresh in-season berries.


Fudge Brownies

Rich, moist, cake-like brownies that melt in your mouth. Perfect for the chocolate lover.


Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with lemon flavoring and strawberry filling, topped with strawberry buttercream icing, lemon zest, and a fresh strawberry.


Key West Bars

Vanilla cake squares with key lime and pineapple filling, topped with white buttercream icing, pineapple chunks, and a fresh kiwi slice.


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Majestic Salad

A heap of our homemade chicken salad on a bed of romaine lettuce and spinach leaves, sprinkled with a fresh berry mix and mandarin orange wedges, drizzled with our own specially created strawberry dressing.


Chicken Salad Sandwich

Homemade in our kitchen and served on gluten-free bread with salad and a dill pickle spear with your choice of chips or fresh fruit.


Avocado Veggie Sandwich

Fresh ripened avocado, roasted red
peppers, tomato, and onion, served on gluten-free bread with salad and a dill pickle spear with your choice of chips or fresh fruit.


Homemade Soup

Changes daily.


Gluten-Free Beer and Cider

Now serving a variety of both.


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250 Park Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901



Tues – Fri, 7 am – 3 pm

Saturday 7 am – 5 pm

Sunday Brunch 10 am – 2 pm

Closed Mondays



(501) 463-4777


Why Gluten-Free?

Gluten-free diets have become very popular in recent years, but many people do not know or understand what the real benefits are, or even what gluten is. No worries, because Majestic Bakery & Cafe is here to help answer these questions!

So what is gluten, anyway?

Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in grains like wheat, rye, and barley. It causes illness in people with celiac disease and gluten allergies.

What is the difference between celiac disease and gluten allergy?

When someone with celiac disease eats even tiny amounts of gluten, their immune system attacks the the lining of the small intestine, causing inflammation. This can lead to malnutrition. Approximately 1 in 100 people has celiac disease.

Gluten allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity (officially referred to as "non-celiac gluten sensitivity," or NCGS), is a separate condition from celiac disease. It is thought to be more common than celiac disease. NCGS is when ingestion of gluten causes the body to have a stress response that does not involve the immune system. However, both conditions have intestinal symptoms, such as bloating and pain, and symptoms outside the digestive tract, such as fatigue.

Why should I eat gluten-free foods (even if I don't have celiac disease or NCGS)?

Here are five reasons to go gluten-free!


1. Humans don’t fully digest wheat.

The undigested portions of wheat begin to ferment, producing gas.

2. Wheat is a pro-inflammatory agent.

A pro-inflammatory agent is rapidly converted to sugar, causing a rise in the body’s insulin level and then a burst of inflammation at the cellular level.

3. Refined wheat has little nutritional value.

Manufacturers actually have to enrich refined wheat because they take out all the nutrients in the process. And even then, the wheat is not very nutritionally valuable.

4. Wheat is one of the top-eight allergens.

Millions of people are allergic to wheat — so many, in fact, that it has made it onto the top-eight allergen list.

5. Many people have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, and don’t know it.

1 in 100 people has celiac disease, but most don’t know it. No one knows how many people have gluten sensitivity, but estimates are that it may be as high as 50 percent, or even 70 percent, of the population.

Sources: WebMD, For Dummies, NutriSavings